Arkansas Air Waves, Inc.
Network Status 6/15/2017

Current Network Status at of Today February 16 th, 2017

1)The Current Network Status should be about 95% complete in repairs.

2)The Eagle Rock Link has been completed and we will be replacing CPE ( Customer Equipment )

3)Our Little Rock Link is up and functional.  Stay Tuned for more to come.

4) We now have the rights to sell subscriptions online for personal in home viewing of certain
Movies and TV Series.  Click on the Air Tube Icon on the home page for more information.

           5)      Any issue you might have with our service currently, please txt to 501-538-2537 or e-mail to                     Without Knowledge of these issues even if they are brief, we cannot                        resolve them if we do not know they exists. 

Thank You,
William Langston
President / CEO
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